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Meet "To Botano" of Kouses, on the internet as well! The specialized corner of aromatic-therapeutic herbs and spices, not only from Greece, but selected varieties from all over the world too.

An attractive and picturesque shop located in south of Crete, created by the need to approach a different pattern of living, in an astonishing land which inspires the coalition between the beauty of nature and the splendour of life.

In distinction to the modern way of leaving, where the stress and the pursuit of profit create irreversible and undesirable effects on humans and the environment, "To Botano" suggests a different path, in the belief that herbs and spices can integrated into our lives, and are consisting a most friendly and refreshing approach to seeking solutions for treating our body.

And somehow like this, the search for the lost balance between the environment, our citizen fellows and ourselves begins, by relocating our family in Kouses from Northern Greece, creating a small business of collection and selling wild and aromatic Cretan herbs, and starting at the same time the trade of selected herbs and spices from all over the world. A lonely and difficult occasionally path, which however we strongly believe is for us the only solution.

During these last three years, we met other fellows with similar thoughts and celebrated the common believe that it is our duty, especially for future generations, to protect and save the most we can. The careful approach to nature, organic, biodynamic and environmentally friendly farming, guarantee an attitude that brings closer to a balance of living, which grants hope to all of us.

The goods we recommend and fill the shelves of «To Botano", are cautiously selected and guaranteed the best quality.

Within our wide selection of herbs, you will find the ones we personally take care of collection and drying. These are available on sale in limited quantity and only upon request well in advance prior collection.

Explore our website, discover the magic and the aromas of herbs, and do not hesitate to ask us to post what ever you wish.

From our side, we remain at your entire disposal to carry out any information or wish.

The "Botano" Family..

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Cold Flu and Immune System Tee 200g
Cold Flu and Immune System Tee 200g
Diese Kräutermischung ist ein sensationell guter Erkältungstee. Gerade in der kalten Jahreszeit, also in der Erkältungszeit, ist dieser Tee unverzichtbar. Diese Mischung besteht aus: Kretischer Zistrose, Echinacea (Sonnenhut),...
Inhalt 0.2 Kilogramm (125,00 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
25,00 € *
Cystrose Tee 200g
Cystrose Tee 200g
Diese kretische Zistrose Tee oder Cistus genannt ist ein sensationell guter Erkältungstee. Gerade in der kalten Jahreszeit, also in der Erkältungszeit, ist dieser Tee unverzichtbar.
Inhalt 0.2 Kilogramm (100,00 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
20,00 € *
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